Thursday, June 22, 2006

Baby Brianna and More Ladies Conference Pics.

On the top left is a picture of Brianna who is the newest addition to our church family here in Cochabamba, she is the daughter of John and Cecilia Pap. Cecilia worships with us in Cochabamba and John is currently working in the states. On the bottom left is Katie with Sister Norah from the Plann 3000 congregation in La Paz. On the right is a group of children from La Paz who sang at the end of the ladies conference.

Conferencia de Damas en La Paz

Ladies Conference in La Paz

Hello to all our faithful readers! So much has happened since the last post I believe it will be necessary just to post several times over the next few days so be checking often. First of all, God as always has been good to us. We feel very blessed to be serving here in Cochabamba.

Since the last post one of the most encouraging events for both Katie and I was a trip we made to La Paz at the end of May. We traveled because Katie and the other ladies of our team had been invited to participate in a national Ladies' Retreat for ladies from congregations in Santa Cruz, La Paz and Cuzco, Peru. What sacrifice and love these ladies showed by riding up to 20 hours plus on buses to come into La Paz. The ladies in La Paz were also very kind and had done a great job of organizing a wonderful 4 day event for the Christian women of Bolivia and southern Peru. Each night the ladies from a different city spoke. Saturday night was Katie's night and she did a great job at presenting a lesson prepared by all the Cochabamba ladies on encouraging each other with the five senses. While the ladies were enjoying their time studying from the Word together in the evenings the men from the La Paz congregation would get refreshments ready for the ladies. This time gave me great opportunities to get to know some of the La Paz brethren. On Sunday the whole church packed up in 3 buses and rode 3 hours to a town on the shores of Lake Titicaca which is one of the highest lakes in the world and forms part of the border between Peru and Bolivia. It was a little chilly but it was an incredible experience to worship in such a breathtaking place. The brethren in Bolivia and southern Peru treated with true humility, generosity and hospitality and Katie and I will carry the example of their Christ-like spirit with us always. After visiting we are even more excited to work with our brethren in La Paz and Santa Cruz and perhaps even in Cuzco. This is the post for today, soon I will post information on our new rental property which will be home to our Contact Center where Cochabambinos can begin to visit us. Thank you all so much for your prayers.