Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We Are Okay

We wanted to send out a quick update to let everyone know of our status. By now many of you who keep up with our blog have probably also heard something of the escalating political situation in Bolivia right now. Basically, the same conflict between the central government and regional governments has continued and grown to the point that in some regions of Bolivia there have been some demonstrations that has turned into violence. That is not really a good summary and I would encourage anyone interested to follow the links on this blogs or go to your own trusted news website to find out more about what is happening.

I am writing this blog to let everyone know that Katie, the kids and myself are doing well. We actually had planned a short visit to the states right before the latest problems in Bolivia began. We arrived to the states on Monday the 8th and things started happening in Bolivia the next day. My plan was to return to Bolivia sometime this week and Katie was to stay until the 13th of October. Right now we are waiting to see when American Airlines will begin flying back into Bolivia and of course to see when things in general die down somewhat. The latest we have heard was that American would start flying again on the 30th of September which is next Monday.

Currently, I am at my parent's house in Chillicothe and Katie and the kids are spending the next two weeks as planned in Hot Springs Village with her parents. Last week we were in Rogers, Arkansas with my sisters and grandmothers and before that we spent a week in DC with our good family friend Becky. So far it has been refreshing to be with family although each day we wake up hurting for our loved ones in Bolivia.

We have spoken with the three other families who are all in Cochabamba right now. They have informed us that things in Cochabamba itself are peaceful and the main affects being felt are rising food and fuel prices because of the blockades in other regions of Bolivia which is impeding the transport of goods. We are thankful to God that our teamates and the local brethren are out of harm's way. Let us all continue to pray fervently and without ceasing however, that this peace being enjoyed in Cochabamba continues. Let us pray that our Heavenly Father would sheild His children in Bolivia from threats to their homes and families. There are many brethren of the church in Santa Cruz where the situation is much more dire, let us pray that God would keep each and every brother and sister in Christ safe during this most difficult of times.

I have posted throughout our time in Bolivia other prayer requests during other times of political instability and I know that each time we have loved ones down on their knees. We know that this time is no different. We put our precious adopted homeland in the hands of our Father who knows our every need before we verbalize it. Let us be a people of prayer today and plead with our Heavenly Father that peace would return to the whole of Bolivia and that the hearts of many people would turn to Him in this time. Thanks!

La Familia Forbess