Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Irene King

Well, they go by many many different names - Grandmother, Grandma, Granny, G-ma, Grami, Mamaw, Memaw, Nana, MeeMee, Honey and more - but their function is the same! They love their grandkids! They spoil their grandkids! After years of suffering with the imperfect parents they are blessed by the arrive of a clan of perfection! They verifiy what all children know is true unconditional love is modeled by their heros also know as grandma. They know that they are the most precious person in the room. They know that play-time goes all day at grandmas. They ask questions like, "are hot dogs junk food?" to receive answers like, "not today!"

Irene King, my grandma, was born on this day 91 years ago. She was to me the most beautiful, patient, kind, and loving woman. She made the best grilled cheese, took a nap everyday, read her bible everday, loved everyone of her children the same but in their individual ways. She wore a ring with the birthstone of each of her chidren in it. Among the 7 children she raised, she raised the most wonderful mother in the world, Linda Labowski, my mom!

During this time in the states we have been blessed to be around not only Jeff's grandmothers, and Jubilee and Malakai's grandmothers, but many other mature women who loved on them and Jeff and I in ways that were grandmotherly. We love each of these women and thank God for their displays of love towards us. May we pass it on!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Overdue Update!

Hey! Well, we are in Everygreen, CO. What a priviledge to be back with this part of our church family! Since the last posting we have been encouraged and loved on by wonderful people in Olive Branch, Brownwood, Austin, Brownfield, and Dora. We are so thankful for everyone, especially those that kept us in their homes, the Washburns, the Bottas, the Burketts! They are a big part of the reason that the kids are doing so great! Jeff has mastered the art of sharing his presentation! His furlough sermon is fabulous. Now we find ourselves in Colorado trying to figure out how to see all the people in Denver that we love and miss. What a terrific problem!

The church is Cochabamba seems to be doing great! Major news:
1. Betty and Walter, the parents of Wendy, were baptized last Saturday. Praise be to God!
2. Also, we will having a special event to celebrate 5 years of partnership in the mission to Cochabamba, Bolivia! Everyone is invited to join the Cochabamba Mission Team on May 28th and 29th at the DFW Hilton Lakes. Registration is $50 per person for a one-night stay at the Hilton. To register or for more information, contact Josh Marcum by ...email at jjmarcum22@hotmail.com or call Austin Avenue Church of Christ at 325.646.0855.

Remember God loves you! Praise his holy name!