Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friends & Family,

Hello everyone! Greetings from Cochabamba. Today is Turkey Day and in about an hour or so we will be celebrating with the Bulls and Sandovals and also Angela Myers who is visiting from Sucre. We have been smelling the delicious smells coming from Butch and Trish´s smoker upstairs and can´t wait!

Our family is doing well. Yesterday Jubilee and Malakai had their clausura at school which is their last day and accompanying pomp and circumstance. Malakai was a very sleepy little flower and Jubilee was a great "mama bear" in their rendition of Goldilocks. I wanted to take advantage of a spare moment and just mention some prayers of thanksgiving since after all that is what today is about.

Thank you God for:

Arrival of Katie and Jubilee´s permanent visas!!!!!!!!!
(Mine is still being processed in La Paz since I traveled to Brazil in October, please continue praying that mine comes in time for furlough.)

We rejoice with Gary and Laura Bull for the birth of Joshua. Everything went well with Laura and Joshua during the delivery and he is making his first visit to our house today. We are so happy and thankful for the Bulls and for their precious new baby.

We are supposed to sign the papers today on a lease for Wendy´s new apartment. She is one of the mothers who lost her daughter in the accident and we have been looking this whole time for a more permanent housing situation. Yesterday was literally the last day before she had to move. God led us to a great safe and clean place. Please pray that all continues to work out well in this instance.

Tomorrow Angela will be leading a special invitation-only charla (visit) for our single ladies and on Monday will do something similar for the teenage girls. Angela is a great encouragement to our ladies here and we are thankful for her presence and willingness to help out in this area. Please pray that both charlas go well.

Also, after a great deal of deliberation Katie and I finally were able to pin down dates for our furlough which is actually not very far away. We will begin contacting people personally if we have not already but our dates are going to be from December 19th to March 1st. Be looking in your inboxes the next couple of days for a complete list of dates and times when we will be in your area. We are thankful for an opportunity to visit friends, family and supporters and we are also extremely thankful to my grandmother Leyda T. who has volunteered her mini-van for our furlough road trip. Please pray for things such as visas, plane tickets (availability & affordability), scheduling, health and all the myriad things that go into taking two little children across 8 different states in 10 weeks.

As always we are also so thankful for all of you who read our blog and hold us up in prayer. This year has been difficult but with all of your prayers God has heard our pleas and not forgotten even the least of our needs. God is good all the time and to Him be all the glory, honor and praise.


La Familia Forbess