Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Forbess Family Updates

Greetings to all from the lovely city of Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. Katie, Jubilee and I are doing wonderful, praise the Lord! We have had a blessed holiday season as we travel around a 6 state area visiting family, friends, and supporters. Currently we are in Hot Springs Village with Katie's parents. We will have been here for almost two weeks to celebrate the Christmas holiday with Katie's parents (aka Papa and Mimi). Frank and Linda wanted to be Grandpa and Grandmom but Jubilee and her cousin Sofia somehow changed it up. During our time in the Village we also got spend quality time with Katie's sister Lora and her husband Brent.

During the first two weeks of December we stayed with our good friends Lora Beth and Javier Escalante of Aurora, CO. They graciously opened their home to us to serve as a base for visiting our church family of the Highlands Ranch, Evergreen and University congregations. We also spent time visiting with our church family of the Iglesia de Cristo now a part of the Northwest Church of Christ in Westminster, CO. Beside for two days of frigidly cold weather, the days were sunny and moderate. We were encouraged by each group of brothers and sisters whom we visited with in Colorado.

Before visiting Colorado we divided our time between Chillicothe, MO and Rogers, AR. My parents are in Chillicothe and my sisters and grandmother live in Rogers. We also worshiped one Sunday with the church in Hamilton, MO and were uplifted by the bretheren there. Jubilee loved spending time with her Grammi and Pops, her Auntie Darla, Auntie Mandi, Auntie Melissa, Uncle David. Of course Jubilee probably most enjoyed being doted on by her 6 older cousins Sage, Cedar, Ashton, Lily, Ezra and Ellie. Jubilee herself got to ooh and ah over the newest and cutest addition to our clan, little baby Elijah brother to Ezra and Ellie. As you can imagine Thanksgiving was an exciting time with 8 little ones about from ages 2 months to 12 years old.

Before Thanksgiving early in November. Katie, Jubilee, and I visited a very special place for me. We spent time in Dora, NM where I graduated from high school. We stayed with a very special couple, Mickey and Alicia Burkett and were able to worship with the congregation in Dora on Sunday morning and Sunday evening. They generously gave me ample time on Sunday morning to share with them the training that the team was involved in during the past months in Brownwood as well as the team's plans for when we arrive in Cochabamba.

The next stop for the Forbess family is Dallas. We will spend the weekend there to celebrate the New Year's with more of Katie's side of the family with whom we haven't visited yet. Then on Sunday evening we will head back to Brownwood for final preparations. Katie's parents, Frank and Linda, will accompany us back to Brownwood and spend an evening with us there.

Last but not least, please remember that our Set Apart Sunday happens on Sunday, January 8. This is a very special time that the Austin Avenue congregation has put a great deal of thought and planning into. If you are going to be anywhere near Brownwood on the 8th please come to Austin Avenue for Sunday morning worship and be a part of this time of prayer and dedication. Our departure is the following Monday, January 9. We will arrive in Cochabamba on the 10th early in the morning. Please continue to lift our family up in prayer as well as the Custers, Marcums, Bulls and Sandovals.


La Familia Forbess